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Air Force monitoring China situation, counters number advantage of adversary through better tactics: IAF chief

New Delhi: IAF chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari on Tuesday said the Indian Air Force is constantly monitoring the Chinese activities along the border and taking measures to counter any aggressive tactics.

Addressing the annual Air Force Day press conference, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari said wherever there is a requirement, the Indian Air Force matches technology with technology but in cases where the adversary has an advantage in terms of numbers, the IAF deploys its assets tactically to deal with the situation.
“We are constantly monitoring the situation across borders through intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). We make note of the build-up of resources and capabilities across the borders,” he said.

He further said that the operational plans of the IAF are dynamic and keep changing based on the situation.
“Our operational plans are dynamic and keep changing based on the situation that we perceive that is developing across any front. In places, where we cannot really counter the numbers or the might of the adversary, we will counter it through better tactics and better training...We keep revising our ISR plans as per inputs,” he said.

The IAF Chief suggested that the adversary has more number of surface to air guided weapon systems and a large number of radars deployed all across the Line of Actual Control. This situation is being dealt with by deploying more radars and employing better tactics by the Indian Air Force.
He said the Indian Air Force is also looking at a long-term solution of deploying high-powered radars which would allow it to see “as deep as the adversary can see inside our area”.

Asked about collaboration between the Chinese and Pakistani Air Force in terms of supplying military hardware, Chaudhari said that the transfer of technology is taking place between the two countries (China and Pakistan).
“Pakistan is manufacturing JF-17 fighter aircraft and also inducting J-10 aircraft...Wherever we can counter technology with technology, we will do it. Where we cannot, we will do it with better training and tactics,” he said.

The IAF Chief pointed out that owing to the volatile and uncertain geopolitical landscape in the region, “the need to have a strong and credible military has become imperative”.

“The Indo-Pacific Region is the new economic and strategic centre of gravity of the world and offers us both challenges and opportunities. Indian Air Force, with its inherent capability to see the farthest, reach the fastest and hit the hardest will be critical in mitigating these challenges and will remain a fulcrum in projecting India's might in the region,” he said. 

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