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Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury writes to LS Speaker Om Birla on Rahul Gandhi's speech

New Delhi: Congress Lok Sabha MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury wrote to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla pertaining to the matter where a portion of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi's speech in the lower house was expunged "making the whole speech unintelligible".
"Sir, in the incorrect debates published by the Secretary-General, a major portion of the speech of Shri Rahul Gandhi was removed in such a way that the whole speech of Shri Rahul Gandhi becomes unintelligible," the letter read. On February 7, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the Motion of Thanks on the President's address and mentioned certain facts about the ongoing issues about the Hindenburg report and the alleged involvement of the Adani Group of Companies in the manipulation of the Stock Market.
Rahul Gandhi also posed some questions to the Prime Minister on the issue.

"Sir, I want to humbly submit that the founding fathers of our Constitution while giving us the constitution empowered the elected members to speak in the Parliament without fear or favour," the letter read.
Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in a letter reiterated that the Constitution guarantees that there shall be freedom of speech in Parliament. The freedom of speech that is available to the Members of Parliament under Article 105(1) is wider in amplitude than the Right of Freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under article 19(1)(a).
"Having conferred the freedom of speech on Parliamentarians, the Constitution emphasizes the fact that the said freedom is absolute and unfettered. This unfettered power granted to the elected representatives, to my understanding is due to the fact that members while speaking in the items serve the interest of the people of this country," the letter read.
He said that Article 105 of the Constitution confers immunity inter-alia in respect of "anything said in Parliament" the word "anything" is of the widest import and is equivalent to "everything".
Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury further said that the only limitation is that the words "in Parliament" means during the sitting of the Parliament and in the course of the business of Parliament. This view has been supported by various Judgements of the Supreme Court from time to time.
"In view of the above and in the wider interest of the Nation the speech made by Shri Rahul Gandhi should be published in totality as it serves a great public purpose. In view of the above I, request you to kindly revisit your decision to edit the speech of Rahul Gandhi," the letter read.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a strong attack on the government in the wake of the Hindenburg-Adani row linking the rise of Adani group to that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and alleged that "rules were changed" in some sectors to favour the businessman.
Gandhi further alleged that the Modi government changed the rules which allowed only previously experienced firms to be involved in airport development.
"There is a rule who does not have prior experience in airports can't be involved in the development of airports. This rule was changed by the Government of India and Adani was given six airports," he said further claiming that India's most profitable airport Mumbai Airport was "hijacked" from GVK Industries using the CBI and ED and was given to Adani by the Centre.
Further attacking the industrialist and PM Modi, he said that despite the fact that Adani never made drones he got the contract for their manufacture when it was always HAL and other companies involved in the business. (ANI)

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