Wednesday, September, 22,2021


Lucknow: Section Officer (SO) and Review Officer (RO) of Appointment Section 3 were removed for their posts by ACS appointment Dr Devesh Chaturvedi following the order of vigilance inquiry against the two. 

The order of a vigilance inquiry by the Home Department against 2 officers of the section responsible for the transfer of SDM had caused a lot of commotion in the bureaucracy corridor. 

The Additional Chief Secretary Personnel Dr Devesh Chaturvedi taking cognizance of the seriousness of the allegations has removed Section Officer Shashikant Mishra who was handling the Section 3 and 5 and transferred him to Personnel Section 2.

Shashikant Mishra has now been replaced by SO Ravindra Kumar who was posted in Personnel Section 2 and while handling the responsibility of Department 3, he has also been handed the additional responsibility of Section 5.

At the same time, Amit Singh, the Review Officer (RO) working in the Appointment Section 3 who too has serious allegations levelled against him was removed from

Appointment Section 3 and moved to Appointment Section 6.He has been replaced by Surbhi Dwivedi who will now handle the responsibility of Appointment Section 3.

  • Lucknow: Section Officer (SO)
  • Review Officer (RO)
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