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AAP's Sanjay Singh moves business suspension notice in RS over "discrimination" against paramilitary forces

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh has given a suspension of business notice in Rajya Sabha under rule 267 and demanded to give equal facilities and 'martyr status' to paramilitary forces.
In his letter to Rajya Sabha Chairman, Singh said the government "discriminate" between the Army and paramilitary forces. He claimed the benefits Army personnel enjoy are not available for paramilitary forces. "The paramilitary forces jawans also sacrifice their lives in the call of duty and protect the nation like Army, but the martyr status is not given to them," the AAP MP said.
The Monsoon Session of the Parliament was convened on July 18 and will conclude on August 12.
Since the beginning of the session, both the Houses of the Parliament have been facing disruptions due to protests by Opposition party is on issues like price rise and the action of central investigative agencies. (ANI)

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