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"AAP leaders earning money through corruption": MCD's Raja Iqbal Singh questions state govt on Ghazipur landfill fire

New Delhi: Sardar Raja Iqbal Singh, leader of opposition MCD, visited Ghazipur landfill site in the National Capital after a major fire broke out on Sunday evening. Alleging mischief, Singh said that AAP leaders through this incident are earning money through corruption.
While visiting the site, Sardar Raja Iqbal Singh, said the incident shows the uselessness of AAP. "This shows the vileness of the Aam Aadmi Party under the Delhi Municipal Corporation... People are suffering because of smoke."
Singh also claimed that he is sensing some mischief over the fire incident and claimed that this was done to make the contractors happy. "This seems to me as mischief by someone in association with the leaders of AAP to make contractors happy and earn money through corruption, to fill their pockets. This is all happening with the collusion of AAP leaders."
Talking about the BJP's regime, the leader said, "During our (BJP) times, 25 machines were used to work here, now more than half are not working. Garbage has increased and they (AAP) are finding no other ways."
"They have nothing to do with people, this mountain of garbage is also a mountain of lies," he added further.
Meanwhile, Delhi BJP Chief Virendra Sachdeva also reached the landfill site to take stock of the situation. He also alleged that rampant corruption was the cause of the fire.
"Life of the people in adjacent areas, in Mayur Vihar and Kondli, has become hell. I too live in Mayur Vihar, I understand this. When Municipal elections were being held, AAP and Arvind Kejriwal had announced that they would remove this landfill by December 2023...The game of corruption is being played here. The cause of the fire should be investigated...The causes are natural, there is corruption behind this. It should be investigated and action should be taken against the guilty. AAP chief and the party are on dialysis. 25 machines should have been deployed here but half of the machines are not working. Who is responsible? Will Arvind Kejriwal take responsibility? Tender is not being renewed. Standing Committee is not being formed. Decisions are not being taken. Who is responsible? Arvind Kejriwal...The day BJP government is formed in Delhi, all three landfills in Delhi will be removed within a year," Delhi BJP chief Virendraa Sachdeva said.
BJP leader RP Singh also took a jibe at the AAP and criticised the government for making fake promises to win the polls. "The fire has been burning since yesterday afternoon. It is a terrible situation. This is a huge fire. The Delhi government has failed... They claimed to clear the landfill by December 2023. But, they are corrupt and indulge in internal conflicts... They don't care about Delhi... They make fake promises to win the elections. Then, they escape from the problems."
Earlier, while speaking to ANI, several commuters complained about facing breathing problems and feeling irritation in the eyes and the throat.

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