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A teary Deepika Padukone opens up about battling suicidal thoughts through her depression

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Deepika Padukone is one of the leading Bollywood actresses of her generation and has achieved commendable milestones in a career spanning over 16 years. The actress has achieved global heights and made a name for herself in the international market as well. As successful as she is, not everything was hunky-dory for Deepika. A few years back the Piku actress opened up about her depression and has since then helped raise awareness about serious mental health disorders through her foundation, Live Love Laugh. Today, she stands completely cured of the illness and has her mother to thank for recognizing the symptoms immediately.

During a recent event that honoured those who have done significantly to bring a difference, Deepika came in as the chief guest in a beautiful black sequin saree. The actress spoke about her depression and how she feels grateful to her mother for recognizing her symptoms immediately. “There was no apparent reason why I should have felt the way I was feeling. But I would break down for no reason, there were days when I just didn’t want to wake up. I would just sleep because sleep for me was an escape. I was suicidal at times,” the actress said while tearing up.



Sharing her experience of how her mom recognized her depression, Deepika said, “Whenever my parents came to visit me from Bangalore, I would always put a brave front. So, I was doing one of those things where I pretended, I was fine. Until they were leaving one day and I broke down. My Mom asked me the usual hygiene questions if it was a boyfriend or is it someone at work and I didn’t have answers. It came from a very empty, hollow place and she knew instantly. I think that for me was God sent.”

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