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A distraught SRK and Aryan's soul-searching questions: NCB’s Sanjay Singh reveals intimate details

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Aryan Khan was discharged of all charges on May 28, 2022, after being arrested in October last year, on the allegations of drug possession and drug trafficking. He finally was released on bail after three weeks in jail but had to go through extensive public scrutiny. The entire Khan family had to suffer major drawbacks as the entire country dragged Aryan and Shah Rukh Khan through the mud.

Deputy Director-General of NCB Sanjay Singh was recently featured in India Today Magazine’s cover story where he revealed intimate details of his meeting with Aryan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan during the case investigation.

Sanjay stated that he tried to comfort Aryan during the investigation and said that he came with an open mind. But he was not ready to face the soul-searching questions that Aryan Khan threw at him. The 24-year-old asked, “Sir, you have painted me as an international drug trafficker, that I finance drug trafficking — aren’t these charges absurd? They did not find any drugs on my person that day and yet they arrested me. Sir, you have done me great wrong and ruined my reputation. Why did I have to spend so many weeks in jail — did I really deserve it?”

Even SRK had requested to meet Singh which he complied with as he had met the parents of the other accused as well. He revealed that Shah Rukh was brought to tears as the actor stated that his son was being ‘vilified’ despite no substantial evidence. “We have been painted as some kind of big criminals or monsters who are out to destroy society and we find going to work tough every day,” the actor said.

Aryan Khan and 19 others were arrested by NCB Zonal Director Sameer Wankhede on October 3, 2021, who had accused him of possessing and consuming illicit drugs and had also made huge allegations of being tied to an international drug ring. A Special Investigation Team discharged him of all charges after a thorough investigation into the matter.

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