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"Violation of MCC": West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee questions timing of 'saffronization' of DD logo

New Delhi: Expressing shock over the 'saffronization' of the new Doordarshan logo, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that the move clearly shows the 'Pro-BJP' bias of the national public broadcaster.
Public service broadcaster Doordarshan on Tuesday changed its logo from the ruby red to saffron.
Announcing the change, DD news in a post on X, wrote "While our values remain the same, we are now available in a new avatar. Get ready for a news journey like never before.. Experience the all-new DD News! We have the courage to put: Accuracy over speed Facts over claims Truth over sensationalism. Because if it is on DD News, it is the truth!"
The channel's move was heavily criticized by the opposition parties sparking the 'saffronization' debate.
Mamata Banerjee criticized the timing of the move, coinciding as it did with the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in the country, labeling it as "highly unethical and blatantly illegal."
Asking the election commission of India to take action against the move, Mamata Banerjee said that it is a "pro-saffron violation" of the model code of conduct.
"How could the Election Commission of India allow this crude, pro-Saffron violation of the Model Code of Conduct when the people are in the electoral mode?! ECI must immediately stop it and reverse the change to go back to the original blue colour of the logo of Doordarshan!," Mamata wrote in a post on X.
Meanwhile, Trinamool MP and former Chief of Doordarshan's parent organization Prasar Bharti, Jawhar Sircar voiced dissapointment regarding the change in the logo.
He said that it "hurts to see the saffronisation of Doordarshan's logo".
"It will influence voters, by overlaying the colour one religion and Sangh parivar colour with a 'neutral' Public Broadcaster and a biassed Government/Regime!," he wrote in a post on X.
Earlier, In November 2023, Mamata Banerjee Accused the BJP of changing the practice jersey of Indian cricket players to saffron.
"We are proud of our Indian players and I believe that they will be the World Cup champion. They (BJP) have even turned their practice jerseys to saffron" Mamata said.

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