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Vet varsity’s ‘recognition’ order to be junked

Jaipur: The recognition of nine animal husbandry diploma institutes will be cancelled. Seats of six institutes were increased from 50 to 100, while three new institutes were given direct affiliation of 100 seats.

The affiliation was issued by the Veterinary University, Bikaner without the NOC of the State Government.
First India News had made a big disclosure about this on March 20 and 21.

Animal Husbandry Department on Wednesday wrote a letter to Veterinary University telling that the affiliation of all institutions is unfair and against the rules.

“Orders related to seat increase and affiliation of all institutions should be cancelled,” said the order.
However, questions are now arising in this whole matter that the recognition was cancelled, but why are those who did wrong being spared? Why is no action being taken against the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Satish Garg and other culprits?

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