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UP: Special parks should be developed in forests for swamp deer, saras crane, says CM Yogi

Lucknow: Emphasising the protection of wildlife and promoting a greener environment, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday said that special parks should be developed in the midst of forests for the protection of the state animal, swamp deer (Barasingha) and state bird, sarus crane.
"We have to create new wetlands around Ganga and Yamuna. Forests have to be developed in the form of eco-tourism. Special parks should be developed in the midst of forests for the protection of the state animal Barasingha and the state bird Sarus. We have to take all these works forward with a positive spirit," he said. Addressing an event organised by the Forest Department, Adityanath said, "The department should work with a positive spirit to develop the forests in the form of eco-tourism. Cleanliness of the water bodies present in the forests and plantation campaigns on their banks should be promoted on a large scale. Such departments must be identified which cause maximum damage to the environment and natural resources and prepare a way to utilise their CSR funds for environmental protection."
On the occasion, the Chief Minister flagged off the motorcycles and scooters provided to the Forest Department from the CSR fund by Hero Motor Corp. Ltd.

Earlier, the CM interacted with the players who participated in the 26th All India Forest Sports Competition and received medals.
In this national competition, the team of the Forest Department of Uttar Pradesh received 12 gold, 18 silver and 13 bronze medals. CM Yogi also released the Coffee Table Book of Tree Plantation Mass Movement 2022 on this occasion.
Stating that the Forest Department has a huge responsibility, the CM said, "Today, amidst scare in the world regarding the deteriorating condition of the earth, taking the lead in environmental protection is the biggest necessity. It is today's most important need to save not only human beings but also the entire living world from the ill effects of climate change."
"250 motorcycles and 35 scooters have been provided by Hero Motorcorp from the CSR fund for the protection of wildlife and wildlife. For the first time, I am seeing that the Forest Department is making such a huge use of CSR funds. It should be our endeavour that those who are harming the environment at any level, their CSR funds are utilised for the protection of the environment and wildlife," the CM remarked.
CM Yogi further stated that in the last 6 years, more than 100 crore trees have been planted in the state, due to which the forest coverage of UP has increased.

He said, "Along with this, the number of wildlife has increased in the forests of UP. The forests which were being continuously cut down have been controlled. Illegal mining has been banned. Concrete steps have been taken for the protection of wildlife at every level. Apart from this, other programs have also taken place, in which new sites are being built for tiger reserves and wetlands are being declared."
The Chief Minister said that Jalotsav month is being announced on the occasion.
He said, "Thousands of 'amrit serovars were developed in UP, where tree plantation work was done on a large scale. We can start this work regarding the reservoirs of the forest also."
The Chief Minister urged that this time during the Van Mahotsav, a program of tree plantation should be started on a large scale on the banks of water bodies. (ANI)

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