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Top Naxal leader Anand, with Rs 1 crore bounty dies due to ill health in Chhattisgarh

Raipur: A senior politburo member of the central committee in the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist), Anand alias Katkam Sudarshan who was carrying a cash reward of around Rs 1 crore, died of health complications, said the police officials.
As per a release issued by the banned organisation, buzzing around a social media platform, the top naxal leader Anand died of a heart attack in the Guerrilla zone of Dandkaranya in Chhattisgarh on May 31. Additional District General of Police (naxal-operations) Vivekananda Sinha also confirmed the death of a politburo member of the naxal's central committee.
Meanwhile, the officer also mentioned that the naxal leader was carrying a cash reward of around Rs 1 crore.
"More details about the naxal leader's profile as well as his involvement are being gathered," informed the officer.
According to the release issued by the outlawed organisation, the naxal leader was suffering from chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure as well as diabetes and he eventually died of a heart attack on May 31. In the last two years, the naxal leader was active as spokesperson of the Naxal's central committee.
Further details are awaited. (ANI)

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