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Tiger reserves prepare for monsoon break

Jaipur: Rajasthan’s famed tiger reserves are gearing up for a break due to the upcoming season of monsoon. From June 20 to June 30, tourists will flock to Ranthambore National Park for one last safari experience before it shuts down along with Sariska Tiger Reserve starting July 1.

The closure, effective until September 30, aims to protect wildlife during the breeding season. However, buffer zones of Ranthambore will remain open for tourism, specifically zones 6 to 10, providing a limited safari experience.

In Sariska, areas like Tahla, Sadar Route, and Buffer Route will continue to operate as usual, offering glimpses of the reserve’s natural beauty despite the closure of core areas od the Nature parks.

During this period, Jhalana and Amagarh which will stay open, are expected to emerge as alternative destinations for wildlife enthusiasts, expecting a surge in tourist footfall in these particular nature reserves.

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