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"Such actions are low-level politics": MP Supriya Sule on death threat against Sharad Pawar

Mumbai: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP Supriya Sule on Friday called it "low-level politics" after NCP chief Sharad Pawar received a death threat message.
Sule on Thursday said she received a threatening message on her WhatsApp for her father, Sharad Pawar. Calling such actions 'low-level politics', she added that this should stop. A delegation of NCP workers led by Sule met Mumbai police chief Vivek Phansalkar demanding action.
"I received a message on WhatsApp for Pawar Sahab. He has been threatened through a website. So, I have come to the Police demanding justice. I urge Maharashtra Home Minister and Union Home Minister. Such actions are low-level politics and this should stop", MP Sule told the media.
She further said that the Center and State Home departments would be responsible if justice is not served. "The police have been informed, the home department needs to pay attention. Politics should be kept aside. Threatening messages have come through a website today, there are also threats through Twitter I don't know who is who, I have come to seek justice", she added.
She also slammed the Home Department over its failure to maintain law and order in the state and said, "Incidents are happening in a manner unlike before. What oppression is going on in the state? An incident has taken place over drinking coffee in Solapur. It is the failure of the Home Department. I request Amit Shah to look into what is happening in Maharashtra Home Department."
MP Sule urged that there should be a transparent enquiry into this incident and added that Maharashtra has always been peaceful when suddenly such incidents started happening. (ANI)

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