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Speaker Vasudev Devnani starts ‘Vidhan Sabha Jandarshan’ programme

Jaipur: ommon people will now also be able to see the political narrative museum in the Rajasthan Assembly building. For this, Rajasthan Assembly public darshan program was started on Saturday. While inaugurating this program on World Museum Day, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Speaker Vasudev Devnani said that museums are a bridge to connect cultural and historical heritage with the common people, and it is also a repository of unique collections of history, art, science, culture and politics.

Due to the initiative of Devnani, now common people will also be able to see the political narrative museum in the assembly building. They will be able to enter the assembly premises free of cost by showing Aadhar card from gate number seven. The museum will have a weekly holiday on Saturday.

Devnani called upon the people to come to the museum and become participants in the political development journey of the country and the state. He said that one should actively participate in the development of the nation by knowing the past, understanding the present and giving a new direction to the future. He said that the museum built with the incorporation of modern technology is a constant source of inspiration for the new generation to know the functioning of the Legislative Assembly and the journey from an ordinary citizen to the supreme representative of the people. On the first day of the programme, political science students of Maharani College visited the Museum.

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