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Public backs population bill

Lucknow: The people and various organizations in the state have called for even more stricter actions against those who flout the work-in-progress population control law of the state. 

The State Law Commission which had invited suggestion for the population control law received over 8,500 suggestions of with suggestions ranging from denial of reservation to those having more than 2 children to denial of permission to stand in elections. 

A lot of suggestions also advocated for bringing local body elections (from municipal to panchayat elections) as well as MP and MLA elections under the ambit of this law.

Though the suggestions received were overwhelming, many of these suggestions are above the scope of the Commission as it is the central government which has to take steps. 

At present, the commission is brainstorming on the suggestions by dividing them into different categories and are also looking at the legal aspects in depth. 

The draft of the Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill-2021 is said to be submitted by the commission by the second week of August.

The State Law Commission had prepared the draft of the Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill-2021 and uploaded it on its website and invited suggestions from the people on it.

The commission had fixed July 19 as the deadline for making suggestions and had by the end of the deadline received close to 8500 suggestions of which many were similar ones.

In the suggestions sent to the commission, many people have also talked about making a law for maximum 3 children instead of 2 while many have stated that this should have been implemented earlier.

People standing in favor of population control have even recommended denial of ration to those who break the law. 

The commission has now started studying the practical, legal & social aspects of all the suggestions and have segregated the suggestion based on category wise.

Sources said that as many as 50 types of suggestions have been received and a table of different suggestions along with their percentage and comments of the Commission on them is also being prepared. The commission will then submit the draft to the government, after which the state government will take a decision. 

Some of the unique suggestions include d free Haj pilgrimage to Muslim families who have only 2 children, additional benefits to all families having only 1 child, the law should apply to 3 children instead of two children. If anyone has 2 daughters, they will get the exemption of the 3 children, exemption of third child if one of the two children is disabled, etc.

  • Public backs population bill
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