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OP Mathur: BJP’s master strategist in Chhattisgarh

Jaipur: BJP leader from Rajasthan, Om Prakash Mathur, is being seen as the master strategist in the selection of the CM in Chhattisgarh.

BJP achieved exactly what it wanted to and Om Prakash Mathur is believed to be the reason behind the successful execution of the BJP strategy in Chhattisgarh. Om Prakash Mathur, who is currently a Rajya Sabha MP from Rajasthan, has been the State BJP President of Rajasthan in past.

Mathur, who is considered very close to PM Modi, was made state incharge of Chattisgarh last year. Before this, he was holding the responsibility of the state in charge of Uttar Pradesh. Before this, he had been in charge of Gujarat and Maharashtra. In 2014, he played an important role in helping BJP win Maharashtra and making Devendra Fadnavis the CM. Similarly, in 2014, when Narendra Modi joined the race to become the Prime Minister, the charge of Gujarat for the Lok Sabha elections was handed over to Om Prakash Mathur.

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