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Now sex workers will also be able to choose their MP and MLA in Kanpur

Kanpur: The Kanpur district administration has launched a special campaign to add names of sex workers to the voter list under the list of marginalised sections. 

The names of the sex workers have been added to the voter list for the first time. The names have been added to the voter list on the orders of the Supreme Court. Further, on the instructions of the Election Commission, the names of the 997 sex workers have been added to the voters' list.

Speaking to ANI, Kanpur ADM Rajesh Kumar said, "Our campaign is going on. Further more sex workers will come forward, their names will be added to the voting list and they will be made aware to vote, this process will be done by the Marginalize Section of the Election Commission."
The names of voters were listed in three categories in the list: male, female and third gender. Now their names have also been listed under the marginalised section, an official said. 

According to officials, the identity of the sex workers will be kept secret. 

Sex workers have been added to the voter list in the Cantonment Assembly, Kidwai Nagar Assembly and Maharajpur Assembly of Kanpur city.
So far, the names of 540 sex workers have been added from the Cantonment Assembly, while 345 sex workers from Kidwai Nagar have added their names to the voter list has been registered. Apart from this, the campaign is still going on in the Maharajpur Assembly, an official statement said. 
The official informed that the order was given by the Supreme Court on January 10, 2022.

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