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Mizoram: Amit Shah appeals armed groups to become part of democratic process

Aizawl: Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is on a visit to Mizoram's Aizawl, appealed on Saturday to the armed groups in the northeast to join the mainstream, become a part of the democratic process.
He also said that the Modi government aims to develop the entire northeast area and connect all eight state capitals by air, rail and road before 2025. "Today multiple projects worth Rs 2500 crores have been inaugurated in a single day in a small state like Mizoram. This shows that our government is committed to the development of northeast," he said while addressing the people after the inauguration of several development projects in the state worth around Rs 2500 crore.
"Our government is focussing on exploring every area whether tourism, agriculture, or any other sector where there is the scope of development," he added.
The Home Minister said that there used to be violence in the state of Mizoram, but today peace has been established.
"At one time there was violence and unrest here. Bullets were fired, and bombs exploded. But today Zoramthanga is the Chief Minister of Mizoram, and there is peace here. This is an example of the success of democracy in India," he said.
He also appealed to the armed groups to leave the path of armed struggle and join the democratic process.
"Today, I appeal to whatever armed groups are left in the northeast, to come and join the mainstream, become a part of the democratic process and give their contribution to the development of the region and the country. Mizoram is a great example of the triumph of democracy in front of the whole world," Shah further said.

The former BJP president also said that different Union ministers of the government, have visited the northeast a total of 432 times in the last nine years.
"Narendra Modi government has increased the budget for the northeast region by 276 per cent under the PM-DevINE scheme. All eight state capitals of the region will be connected by air, rail and road before 2025, at a cost of Rs 1,76,000 crores," he added.
He further said that new road projects will help in enhancing the trade and business of the state.
"Four new road projects have also been inaugurated worth Rs 1200 crores. This will not only increase the trade and business of the state but also enhance the business between Mizoram and Myanmar," the Home Minister said.
These projects included; the construction of Assam Rifles Battalion Headquarters Complex Zokhawsang worth Rs 163 crore and the construction of the 'Integrated Command and Control Centre' (ICCC) under Smart City Ltd (ASCL) worth Rs 119.2 crore.
Besides, the Home Minister also laid the foundation stone for the construction of Zorinpui - Longmasu NH-502A worth an estimated Rs 781.85 crore; the construction of Aizawl Bypass (Package-1), NH-6 worth Rs 329.70 crore; construction of Aizawl Bypass (Package-3), NH-6 worth Rs 720.72 crore; and construction of Laldenga Centre worth Rs 193 crore. (ANI)

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