Thursday, January, 27,2022

Lobo can be of use to Cong but his aim is to remain in power, no matter what!

New Delhi: In Goa, Congress has dealt a major blow to the ruling BJP as Michael Lobo, a minister in the state government for five years, resigned from both government and BJP & joined Congress.

He is an MLA from Calangute and was earlier in Congress.

For five years, when he was in the BJP and was a minister in the state government, Congress leaders levelled major allegations against him like irregularities in land grabbing in the Calangute area and horse-trading.

But when he returned to Congress, the party forgot all the charges and welcomed him with open arms.

That’s because he can be of great use to Congress. He is a Catholic Christian and has good hold among voters of this group.

He is the third Catholic Christian to leave BJP, so Congress sees more profit in him. However, now the BJP leaders are accusing him of land dispute.

Meanwhile, it is also being said that Congress can also give ticket to his wife Delaila. BJP is already saying that Lobo was asking for a ticket for his wife Delaila, for which BJP was not ready, after which he left the party.

It is being said that Michael Lobo has influence in six Catholicdominated seats and with his help, the Congress will win the elections on these six seats.

However, Congress leaders are also saying that no one can guarantee what he will do after the elections. His aim is to remain in power as for him the party is not of much importance.

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