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Is there a conspiracy against Fadnavis?

Mumbai: There is no doubt that there was a conspiracy against Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis. As part of the conspiracy, a bookie’s daughter approached Fadnavis’s wife, told her about her grief and made her wear clothes designed by herself (bookie’s daughter). Later, she tried to make a money-making scheme and give an advance of one crore rupees.

The question is whether Aniksha Jaisinghani wanted to get some benefit or did she conspire at her level? It can not be digested that the daughter of a bookie conspired on her own against the former Chief Minister and now the defacto CM of the state. Two days after the arrest, the police have also alleged that she tried to blackmail Fadnavis’ wife Amrita and demanded Rs 10 crore.

This allegation is also not acceptable. A very vicious thug may try to blackmail a businessman or an official but cannot try to blackmail one of the biggest leaders of the region. So this matter is not very straightforward. It has many layers and if examined objectively it can be quite revealing. It looks like a conspiracy of governments. Just think, this case was open in February and an FIR was registered on February 20. Why did the police take a month to take action? An English newspaper published the news on March 15 and the next day the accused girl was arrested.

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