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IPD tower to be named Ayushman Tower: Khimsar

Jaipur: In a significant development aimed at enhancing healthcare infrastructure, the construction of the IPD tower at SMS Medical College will see it named as Ayushman Tower, announced Health Min Gajendra Singh Khimsar. The decision was made during a high-level meeting chaired by Minister, where critical aspects of the project were discussed.

The meeting focused on financial management, parking facilities, and services for the upcoming Ayushman Tower. The Min emphasized the need to address existing flaws in project left by previous administrations, particularly in parking arrangements facility.

“We have decided to name the IPD tower as Ayushman Tower,” stated Min Khimsar “Our goal is to rectify the shortcomings in the original plan, particularly regarding parking, to enhance patient convenience. A sky walkway will connect the new tower to main SMS buildings, reducing the need for patients to move between facilities,” he said. Financial matters were also discussed, with JDA seeking Rs 150 crore for project.

However, despite all this planning, still the challenges remain in this project regarding finance, parking issues apart from other aspects related to patients attendants boarding and lodging arrangement.

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