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Man proposes, God disposes. Believe in good Karma and on Sunday, it was not our day. In the presence of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and the Deputy PM of Australia, Richard Marles, our Knights did their best they could. And the best team on the particular day won. That doesn’t mean we roast and troll our guys left, right and centre.

The PM’s visit to the India dressing room to boost the players was an excellent gesture. It was enough to show that the country stood with our heroes. It is time, we respect the game and control our hatred which fuelled by social media which brings out the monstrous best in us to throw up our uncensored wrath on our heroes. We must grow up and resist from doing so.

Rohit Sharma and Team India have done exceedingly well to reach the final of the ICC World Cup final, 2023. Unfortunately, we have seen some traumatic scenes in the past when fan fanaticism has not even spared the family members and minor children of these players and have, in a flash, called them names and labelled them as traitors whenever they slipped. Players are humans and are emotional too and after all this team, or for that matter every team that reaches the top, has to be good enough notwithstanding the fact that in this current team we have a bunch of world class players. Sadly, our fanaticism has no limits. And shamefully people who call themselves fans have displayed utter antics. Way back in 2003 when Team India led by Sourav Ganguly lost the first league match against Australia in the then ICC World Cup, there was a pan-India backlash and the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had to intervene to seek restraint.

The baffled team, thankfully gathered itself and went on to win the next eight matches before they were crushed by the mighty Aussies by a margin of 125 runs in the final. In 2021, Mohammed Shami faced huge deluge of online hate after India lost to Pakistan during the Twenty20 World Cup. The hatred against Shami got so bad that former captain Virat Kohli and other sporting legends had to step in to defend the ace bowler. It is sad moreso… because those who mainly troll or roast know little or perhaps nothing about cricket. If they had some cricketing sense, they would have known about Shami’s bowling prowess and his bowling stats.

“Attacking someone over religion is the most pathetic thing a human being can do,” Kohli had told reporters at the time, in a news conference that made headlines across the country. “We stand by Shami completely.” Cut to 2023, a huge number of netizens took the social media route after Shami’s performance in this edition of the ICC World Cup to point out the irony that a man once singled out for hateful comments has led the country to the final. What an irony! Indian cricket fans (not in general) can, at times, be an erratic bunch. Their kabhi naram and kabhi garam attitude has many times affected even the greatest of greats like Dhoni. Whenever India would win a match and MS Dhoni, the world’s best finisher struck the winning runs he was likened to God and whenever India lost, the spectators and the moral guardians of the game used to crash on him harshly asking whether he should retire or was he losing his Midas touch.

When a team succeeds, supporting the team is no big deal. Everyone wants to ride the success crest of others. To be with the team when the chips are down is actually displaying the spirit of oneness and greatness. And this trend of supporting the team in defeat was excellently displayed by the Bollywood bandwagon on Sunday. After an incredible winning spree at the ICC World Cup 2023, team India lost the final against Australia, as the mighty Aussies chased 240 in 43 overs at Narendra Modi stadium, leaving billions heartbroken. Indians were bleeding blue. Among those who backed our heroes were Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Kajol and Ajay Devgn and many more.

Kajol shared a picture of Team India from the National anthem ceremony on her Instagram stories and wrote, “Haarkar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai. Well played Team India. Congratulations Australia on another World Cup. #WorldCupFinal” Kareena Kapoor Khan shared the picture of team India along with a short note. She wrote on Instagram, “Only Love and Respect. Team India tuff battle but well played.” While Vicky wrote: “Still the best team out there. The skill and the character, grit and grace shown by Team India in this CWC has been phenomenal. Forever proud of you guys!” Ajay Devgn shared a picture of team India as well and posted a note cheering their efforts. He wrote, “India your relentless spirit throughout the championship was a victory in itself. Heads high.” India has been playing against Australia in World Cup matches since 1983 and so far both the teams have clashed in 13 matches.


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