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Governor highlights Sanatan nature worship

Jaipur: Governor Kalraj Mishra has called for increased tree planting, emphasizing the importance of preserving India’s cultural heritage of nature and environment. He advocated for development that does not harm the natural balance, highlighting that trees and vegetation not only enrich and fertilize the soil but also sustain all life forms.

Mishra made these remarks on Sunday at the ‘Vriksh Mitra Samman Samaroh’ organized by the Shri Kalpataru Sansthan. During the event, he honored Uma Vyas as the best volunteer for planting and nurturing a sapling every day. Other environmental activists recognized as ‘Vriksh Mitra’ included K.P. Kanal, Ashok Thorat, Gautamraj Sharma, Mrs. Renu Rashtradeep, Sandeep, Usha, Anju Chaudhary, Rishi, and Ritesh Dubey. Additionally, he inaugurated the ‘Parinda Campaign’ for providing water to birds.

The governor underscored the Indian Sanatan view of nature worship, stating that it is rooted in maintaining ecological balance. Recalling the sacrifice for the Shami tree ‘Khejri’ in Khejadli, Rajasthan, he noted that people have historically risked their lives to save trees. He emphasized the importance of planting and protecting trees.

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