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Jaipur: Many brands of foreign liquor will be available in the state for which a new system of wholesale bonds is being implemented for the first time by the Rajasthan State Beverages Corporation (RSBCL) in the state.

The proposal for bonds being received by the RSBCL. A total of eight bonds will be established in the state. There will be 4 in Jaipur district and 2 each in Jodhpur and Udaipur. Custom bond and wholesale bond will be in the same premises.

In the Excise Policy implemented in the state two years ago, it was announced to implement the system of Bottling in Origin (BIO) Wholesale Bonds in Rajasthan. Following this, proposals are being sought for franchisee under this bond by Rajasthan State Brewery Corporation. So far, RSBCL has received three proposals for Jaipur.

This liquor coming from abroad comes to the state through an authorized company.
Only RSBCL is authorized to procure this liquor in the state. This liquor is supplied to shops through the RSBCL. In this system only limited brands of liquor are available in the markets. Many of these well-known brand liquors are not available for some time.

In such a situation, foreign liquor is brought into the state illegally from other states.

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