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Evidence of primitive man found in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer: Evidence of primitive man has been found in the hills on the banks of the Kak River, about 30 km away from Jaisalmer. The weapons and tools date back to about five lakh years, which were discovered by Dr Narayan Vyas, a senior archaeologist and expert on early human civilization. He had found stones and tools in the surrounding areas a few years ago as well.

Vyas said that there used to be a great ocean in Jaisalmer millions of years ago. “Fossils of desert, forest and trees have also been found and the primitive man decided to settle here. Early human tools have been found in the settlements, slopes of the mountains and plateaus. Caves must have existed but are not visible,” he said.

Vyas said that Jaisalmer’s explorer Parth Jagani accompanied him during the search conducted last week around the banks of the Kak River, which was once a tributary of the Saraswati. He stressed the importance of archaeological survey using modern technology in Jaisalmer, conservation of such places and preservation and research of history.

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