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Doctors, Rajasthan govt should find common ground, says Congress' Sachin Pilot as doctors strike continues

Jaipur: Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Thursday said that doctors protesting against the Right to health bill and the Rajasthan Government should hold discussions and find a common ground so that health services in the state are not affected.
While addressing the media, Sachin Pilot said, "There should be talks with the agitating doctors, and their problems should be listened to. The patients are getting worried. The attitude of both sides should not be adamant," he said. Sachin Pilot further stated that patients will suffer in the state if an immediate solution is not found by the medical authorities in the state.
"Such actions affect millions of people. Earlier we passed universal laws before so a solution should be there on an immediate basis in this matter too. It hurts when thousands of people need treatment but they are not getting it," he said.
"The objective of doctors and the state government is the same which is to provide health services in the state. They should try to resolve their issues at the earliest so that the public in the state should not suffer," he added.

Earlier Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday appealed to doctors protesting against the Right to Health Bill that the government is ready to listen to doctors.
"I would again like to appeal that government is ready to listen to doctors. There shouldn't be any misunderstanding and the strike must be called off," he said.
"The right to Health bill is in the public interest. We have sorted out all the misunderstandings & have included all the suggestions from doctors. We want both public & private sectors to serve the people of the state. We respect all the doctors," he added.
Private hospitals and doctors in Rajasthan have been protesting against the Right to Health (RTH) bill through a work boycott urging the state government not to implement it.
Rajasthan, last week passed the Right to Health Bill, which gives every resident of the state the right to avail of free Out Patient Department (OPD) services and In-Patient Department (IPD) services at all public health facilities, becoming the first state to do so. (ANI)

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