Thursday, September, 21,2023

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CS: Transfer officers, employees in one seat or office for over three years

Jaipur: The Department of Administrative Reforms has issued instructions on behalf of Chief Secretary Usha Sharma to the Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Secretaries of all the departments that officers and employees in one seat in the same section or offices will be posted or transferred to another place. Sharma has also asked to dispose of the goods lying in the old cabinets. These instructions have been issued as a precautionary measure after a stash of cash and gold bar was recently found in an almirah in Yojana Bhawan.

According to the circular for Departments/ Directorates/Commissionerates/Subordinate offices, employees in the same section or offices for three years will be transferred. Also, the specific nature of work should not be more than five years. It said that all the material should be organised in shelves and efiling must be done, all the files should be stored in 15 days. The CS mentioned that all this was necessary for good governance and transparency.

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