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"Congress MLAs in touch with us": AIUDF leader Rafiqul Islam

Guwahati: Assam's few Congress MLAs are in touch with the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), claimed its leader Rafiqul Islam, adding that the Assam Congress is now in a broken state.
AIUDF MLA and party General Secretary Rafiqul Islam told ANI that many Congress leaders joined the BJP, many others may go to the BJP, and a few others are in touch with the AIUDF also.
He appealed to the Congress MLAs to not join the BJP if they wanted to work for the people of the state.
"6-7 of its (Congress) MLAs have already gone to the BJP. Many other Congress MLAs are now thinking of quitting the party. Even the Assam Chief Minister said that, when needed, we will take them. We appeal to the Congress MLAs to not go to the BJP. If you go to BJP, then you will be washed in the washing machine, and you will have no work. If you want to fight for the people, to work for the people of Assam, then come to our party, the AIUDF," Rafiqul Islam said.
He further claimed that a few Congress MLAs are now in touch with the AIUDF.
On the other hand, talking about the INDIA parties, the AIUDF MLA said that, the people of the country want to get rid of the BJP.
"Our future is not safe in the hands of the BJP. Indian democracy and economy are also not safe in the hands of the BJP. For this reason, people are now searching for an alternative. Congress has now become weak everywhere. If the regional parties come out with strength, then the BJP will face defeat. The Congress should give their support to the regional parties, and they should give honour to the regional parties. Where the Congress is weak, it should give away the maximum number of seats to the regional forces. Where the Congress is strong, they can fight there with a strong position. If the strong candidate of the INDI alliance wins, then we will be happy," Rafiqul Islam said.
He further said that his party will contest in three seats in Assam, and in the other 11 seats, the AIUDF's supporters will vote against the BJP.
"Our supporters can't go with the BJP. Our party will contest in three out of 14 seats in Assam in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, and we are doing hard work to win all three seats. If there is a strong candidate who will fight against the BJP in other 11 seats and win, then we will be happy. Our supporters are against the BJP, and our supporters votes can't go to the BJP," Rafiqul Islam said.

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