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CM Bhajan Lal mobilises senior IAS for heat wave relief efforts

Jaipur: Amidst the extreme heat conditions causing distress across Rajasthan, the Bhajan Lal govt is demonstrating its vigilance and proactivity. District incharge secretaries have been mandated to visit their respective districts to address public concerns directly. These senior officials are required to be on the ground for two days, from May 28 to 29, including overnight stays. A government order issued late Sunday evening, outlines that all in-charge secretaries are to return to Jaipur by May 30 to present their findings at a high-level meeting on May 31. The directive includes a comprehensive 12-point guideline detailing their responsibilities during the visit. These include assessing and reviewing drinking water arrangements, electricity supply, medical preps for heat wave-induced seasonal diseases, and provisions for water & medicines in cowsheds for animals and birds. Furthermore, the secretaries are tasked with evaluating the efficiency of e-filing systems and punctuality in govt offices. They will also review the status of illegal mining, food adulteration, land-related issues, drug control, and crimes against women.

Experts commend the Bhajan Lal govt for sending 50 senior officers from Jaipur to the field, prioritising public welfare in harsh conditions.

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