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"BJP wants to impose one history, one language on people": Rahul Gandhi

Kannur: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday that the Bharatiya Janata Party wants to impose one history, one nation and one language on the people of India and this is what the Congress is protecting.
Addressing a public meeting here today, Rahul asked how one can come to Kerala or Tamil Nadu and say that there is going to be one language.
"By using ED and CBI as political weapons, the BJP is trying to change the nature of our country. The Congress and UDF accept the diversity of India. We accept the multiple languages, traditions, and different histories of all our people. The BJP wants to impose one history, one nation, and one language on the people," he said.
"First of all, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what India is. How can you come to the people of Kerala, Tamil Nadu or West Bengal and say that there is going to be one language. You are insulting every single citizen of Kerala. Malyalam is not just a simple language; inside it is the hidden history, tragedy, and happiness of the Kerala people. How will a mother of Kerala explain the history of this great land to her children? How can she do it in English or Hindi?" Rahul Gandhi asked.
He emphasised that this is what the Congress is protecting.
Further, Rahul Gandhi put up a bouquet of flowers and said that this is what India looks like.
"Every colour is unique, and every flower has a different expression. Imagine if I said that only white flowers would remain here. There will be no leaves. That is what the BJP and RSS are trying to do. In Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and India. It shows that they don't understand India," he said.
Rahul also mentioned that PM Modi recently visited Tamil Nadu and said there that he liked Dosas.
"The Prime Minister recently went to Tamil Nadu, which has brilliant poets. It has a huge history, and traditions. The PM here says that he likes Dosa. I also like Dosa, but please try to understand other things about the state as well. India can never be changed. You are wasting your time. You are creating disharmony that is harming millions of people," he added.

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