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BJP leaders stage protest in Hyderabad against TSPSC paper leak

Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders staged a 'Nirasana Deeksha' (protest) against the TSPSC paper leakage issue in the Khairatabad constituency in Hyderabad.
Many BJP leaders and party workers participated in the protest. Speaking to ANI, BJP Spokesperson NV Subhash said that BJP is the only party in Telangana that supports the unemployed youth. He said, "Around 30 lakh unemployed youth have been preparing for the TSPSC exam and Group 1 exam. The people who are associated with the Chief Minister KCR's family, who are the followers of KTR and other political leaders in the BRS party have purposefully leaked the question paper to make money. They have looted large amounts of money."
He further said, "The aspirations of a large number of unemployed youth have gone to heaven. Since this leakage has come out, many people have started coming for the protest and BJP is the only party in Telangana supporting the unemployed youth."
He stated, "They have been preparing for this exam for a long time the lives of many people are in jeopardy. In order to give confidence to the people of Telangana, especially the youth, the BJP is organizing silent protests in 119 assembly constituencies in Telangana."
"Our basic demand is to sack the inefficient Minister for Information Technology and Municipal Administration, KTR. We also demand a Judicial inquiry by a sitting judge from the High Court," he further stated.
"We also demand to give compensation of Rs.1 lakh for the 30 lakh unemployed youth so that they can prepare again for the competitive exams," he said.
"We demand that proper inquiry should be done, culprits should be punished and they should be behind bars so that this kind of misuse of power should not be there in the future," he further stated.
He added, "There are no employment opportunities in Telangana. The budget has gone and the finance is in the doldrums. The KCR government is giving these notifications just for an eye wash. The proper enquiry should be done into TSPSC." (ANI)

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