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BEVU BELLA UGADI (Ugadi Pachadi in Karnataka)

Banglore: Bevu Bella literally means neem leaves and jaggery and is a preparation made on the occasion of the auspicious Kannada new year. Pavithra Halkatti, Businesswoman, Lawyer, Educationist & Philanthropist, share her recipe for the occasion. “The ingredients used in Bevu Bella Ugadi symbolise different emotions/experiences – happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise. Having this Ugadi Pachadi on New Year’s day signifies that we should accept all emotions and experience tranquillity.”



- 1 tbsp Neem Flowers
- 4 tbsp Jaggery
- 3 Green chillies
- 1-2 Raw Mangoes, chopped
- Tamarind juice as per taste
- Water as required
- Salt to taste
- Coconut, grated or finely chopped (optional)



- Take a large bowl with chopped raw mangoes and green chillies.
- Add Neem Flowers and grated Coconut.
- Now add Salt, Jaggery, and Tamarind juice and mix all ingredients well with the required quantity of water.
- Add grated/ chopped Coconut and mix well.
- The Bevu Bella Ugadi is ready to serve.

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