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Army Chief presents prestigious 'President's Colours' to 4 armoured regiments

Sri Ganganagar: The Indian Army chief Manoj Pande on Saturday presented 'President's Colours' or 'Rashtrapati ka Nishan' to the four armoured regiments of the Indian Army in Sri Ganganagar.
The Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Pande presented the prestigious 'President's Colours' or 'Rashtrapati ka Nishan' to four armoured regiments of the Indian Army. The President's colours were presented to the 49 Armored Regiment, 51 Armored Regiment, 53 Armored Regiment and 54 Armored Regiment during an impressive 'Rashtrapati ka Nishan' presentation parade held at Suratgarh Military Station, Rajasthan on 25 March 2023, an official release from the Indian Army said. "The Army Chief in his address lauded the regiments that received the prestigious President's Standards for their exemplary service and conveyed his best wishes to the ranks and families. He also pointed out that the modern and professional Indian Mechanized Force is always ready to face the challenges of the future and is determined to defend the country against all threats," the release said.
The Chief of Army Staff reviewed the 'Nishan' presentation parade and appreciated the rich heritage of valour, sacrifice and traditions displayed by the Armored Corps in war and peace.
The event witnessed an immaculate mounted parade by four armoured regiments accompanied by tanks in all grandeur. The Armored Corps is one of the principal combat units of the Indian Army. The gallantry, courage and fortitude displayed by the armoured regiments during the wars since independence are extraordinary. (ANI)

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