Monday, October, 02,2023

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Ajmer: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday at a rally in Ajmer said the Congress is a party that took “85 percent commission”, and referred to a statement by former PM Rajiv Gandhi that when his govt sent one rupee only 15 paise would reach the intended beneficiary.

“India got a new Parliament building three days back. I ask you whether you are proud of it or not. Did you feel joy on the increase in India’s prestige? Cong and some parties like it hurled muck of politics on this too,” he said.

The Congress and 20 other parties boycotted the inauguration of the new Parliament building by the prime minister on Sunday, saying it was an insult to President Murmu, a tribal woman, that she was not invited by the govt to do the honours. Modi alleged the main Opposition party is angry because a “son of the poor ‘’ is not allowing it to do what it wants and is “raising questions on their corruption and parivarwad (dynastic politics)”. 9 years of BJP govt were dedicated to the service of people, good governance, and welfare of poor, PM Modi said.

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