Thursday, November, 30,2023

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Jhunjhunu: Referring to late Ramnarayan Chaudhary, CM Ashok Gehlot in Bissau, said that he remained dedicated to the development of the area in accordance with the public sentiments. "Similarly, local MLA Rita Choudhary has also made an important contribution in the development of the area. The state government also left no stone unturned in development. 6 colleges have been opened in Mandawa area, where students are shaping their future. The state government has started the ambitious 'Rajasthan Mission-2030' to make Rajasthan the leader of India in every field by the year 2030. Till now, advice and suggestions for dream Rajasthan have been received from more than 2.50 crore people. On the basis of these, ‘Vision-2030 document’ will be released on October 5, 2023. In this, participation of every resident of the state will be ensured through suggestions," Gehlot said and further added, "We have progressed at 4 times the pace in 5 years. Now our aim is to increase the pace of progress 10 times by the year 2030."

In the program, MLA Kumari Rita Choudhary said that under the leadership of CM Ashok Gehlot, the state government provided relief to the common people even in difficult situations like Corona and rising inflation. The state government has paved the way for a bright future for the students by opening many colleges in the area, she said.

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