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50 students faint at a school in Bihar's Shiekhpura, severe heatwave leads to discomfort

Sheikhpura (Bihar): At least 50 students fainted on Wednesday morning at Mankaul Middle School in the Ariari block of Sheikhpura district of Bihar, due to extreme heatwave conditions, as the temperature is soaring between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius in the district.

Initially, six students lost consciousness, but subsequently, many more students started collapsing. The incident began after the students attended an assembly for prayers and then proceeded to class. The whole matter created chaos in the school and the village.

The unconscious students were provided with water and electrolytes and were immediately rushed to the district's Sadar hospital on bikes, tempos and e-rickshaws after the ambulance didn't arrive.

School Headmaster Suresh Prasad promptly informed the public health department about the incident and requested an ambulance. However, the delayed arrival of the ambulance outraged the villagers, who then blocked the road and protested against the administration.

Headmaster Prasad narrated the incident and said, "Students from the 8th grade started fainting in class after attending the assembly. We provided them with water and electrolytes and called for an ambulance. When it didn't arrive, we used private vehicles to take them to the hospital."

Satyendra Kumar, a doctor at Sadar Hospital, said, "There is a severe heatwave in the state. The whole incident occurred due to dehydration, as students came to school early in the morning without breakfast or water bottles.

He further suggested parents ensure their children have breakfast and water bottles so that they can drink water if they feel thirsty.

Reports of children fainting due to the heatwave have also emerged from other schools and districts. In Begusarai district, six students at Matihani Middle School also fainted due to the heat after which they were taken to Matihani PHC hospital for treatment.

The matter pertains to Matihani Middle School of Matihani police station area in the Begusarai district of Bihar. The temperature in the district has soared to 45 degrees Celsius, intensifying the heatwave conditions.

The administration and teachers of Matihani Middle School criticised the Bihar government for keeping schools open during such severe heat.

They specifically blamed KK Pathak, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department, for the decision to operate schools at 6 am despite the heatwave.

Teachers expressed their frustration, stating, "This order has caused distress for both students and teachers. The government's 'Tughlaqi farmaan' to keep schools open in such weather is unacceptable, and KK Pathak has ignored the issue."

According to the data of the India Meteorological Department, on Tuesday, the maximum temperature in the state ranged between 40 and 44 degrees Celsius. The Met Department has also issued a warning for heatwave-like conditions in the state. 

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