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5 story collections to reminisce as Amar Chitra Katha Comics turn 55

New Delhi: At a time when American comic book publishers like Marvel and DC have become household names due to the several IPs released by them, Amar Chitra Katha (ACK Comics), is a name that holds its own standing and has been around for over five decades, when it comes to Indian comics.

The library of ACK Comics boasts of nearly 500 titles ranging across genres such as mythology, history, folktales, fables, biographies, literature, and more, appealing to people of all ages. What started as a physical repository of Indian heritage in 1967 by Amar Chitra Katha's founder Anant Pai, has now expanded across mediums, be it movies, TV shows, web series, audio stories, podcasts and mobile apps, among others. It was started in an attempt to teach Indian children about their cultural heritage.

In 2022, as the publishing house celebrates 55 years of telling stories from Indian heritage, they have chosen 'Beyond Nostalgia' as the theme for Amar Chitra Katha Day. So, keeping in line with this year's theme, let's have a look at some of the collections of stories we grew up with.

Jataka, Panchatantra and Hitopadesha Collection
With over 20 titles, this collection tells old fables through various people and animals with the aim of inculcating good virtues. These stories are witty, yet each one of them leaves readers with some morals applicable to everyday life. Tales of bravery, courage, counsel and caution can all be found in this collection.

Heroes from the Mahabharata
The gallant heroes of the Mahabharata are shining examples of how even with valor and chivalry one can also have weak spots. They were swayed by conflicting emotions which only served to heighten the epic grandeur of this story. This collection contains titles including 'Bheeshma', 'Drona', 'Tales of Arjuna', 'Karna' and 'Abhimanyu'. The stories of these heroes are bound to arouse great emotions in the readers and inspire them to reach greater heights.

The Shiva collection
This book set contains ten titles, all narrating the tales of different phases in Shiva's life. Through its tales, this collection takes the reader on a magical journey across places like the Thanjavur temple, the mythical cities of Tripura and the centuries-old caves of Elephanta. Furthermore, these books also include some of the most famous Shiva stories from the Mahabharata as well as the Ramayana.

Ranchen and the stone lion and other stories
It's a collection of folktales handpicked from different parts of the country. The collection tells stories of a determined man who journeys to an unexpected place and a woman who buys a song! Each story transports readers to a different place and time, to witness its unique culture.

Uncle Pai's Favorite 50
This collection comprises stories that have now become a staple in Indian households, it contains something for all types of readers, from all age groups. The stories immerse readers into our rich culture with tales of Ram, Krishna, Hanuman and Shakuntala, while providing them with the comfort of the light-hearted tales of Birbal, Baddu and Chhotu. (ANI)

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