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25,980 elderly, disabled exercise Home Voting facility in 2 days

Jaipur: In Rajasthan Assembly Election-2023, senior voters (80+ years) and voters with more than 40% disability will be seen voting from their homes for the first time on initiative of the Election Commission. Home voting facility is being provided for first time in State and till now 25,980 elderly and disabled voters have voted at home. Home voting started in 26 districts of the state on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 10,354 elderly and 2,701 disabled voters availed the facility of voting from home.

The first phase of home voting will last till Nov 19, while the second phase of home voting will be on Nov 20 and 21.

So far, 62,927 voters applied for the home voting facility option. Special polling teams are visiting the homes of such voters and getting them exercise their vote through postal ballot. Voting will be conducted at home through postal ballot till Nov 19. For those voters who are absent at home during first phase, special polling teams will visit for second time on Nov 20 & 21. The voting date for these special voters has been fixed from Nov 19 to 21.

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