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12-year-old boy sodomised, killed by cousin brother

Jaipur: A sensational case of the murder of a 12-year-old child Naved has come to the fore in the city in the Khoh Nagoriyan area. The cousin of the minor has committed the murder. The reason for murder as stated by the accused Ariz was that the deceased abused him in front of everyone.

To avenge this, the accused kidnapped Naved and killed him. On the disappearance of Naved, the relatives lodged a missing complaint on May 24 at the Lalkothi police station.

After the dead body was found late on Wednesday night, police got the post-mortem done by the Medical Board in the presence of relatives at the SMS Mortuary.

As per reports, the killer Ariz had also raped Naved before killing and then brutally murdered him.

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