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12 hurt as 22 vehicles collide on Ambala-Saharanpur highway due to low visibility in fog

Yamuna Nagar: At least a dozen people were injured when 22 vehicles collided with each on the Ambala-Saharanpur highway in Yamuna Nagar earlier today due to low visibility caused by fog.

The incident happened early Sunday when dense fog enveloped Yamuna Nagar. Due to low visibility, the vehicles plying on the road were crawling. While on the Ambala-Saharanpur highway, about 22 vehicles going from Punjab to Saharanpur were engulfed by fog.
The accidents were so severe that many vehicles were completely damaged, while about a dozen people were also injured in these accidents, said Lukesh Kumar, SHO Traffic.

He added that the police team immediately reached the spot and started removing the vehicles from the road and all the injured people were rushed to the hospital.
No casualties have been reported yet, said SHO Lukesh Kumar. (ANI)

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