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Villagers of India's first solar-powered village, Modhera, interact with UN Chief Guterres

Modhera: Villagers of India's first solar-powered village, Modhera, interacted with the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday and said that they talked to him about their village and the benefits they are getting due to the project as they are able to save money and also getting electricity 24 hours of the day.
The UN Chief is currently on a three-day trip to India and launched the Mission LiFEmovement in Gujarat, along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both leaders also held a bilateral meeting. Mission LIFE is expected to be an India-led global mass movement that will nudge individual and collective action to protect and preserve environment.

Speaking to ANI, the beneficiaries said that they had a good interaction with the UN Secretary-General.
"I had a good interaction with the UN Secy General, he shared some details with us.
With the installation of solar panels, we have benefitted a lot. Previously we used to pay 1500-2000 as a bill. Modhera has got famous due to solar energy," Ichha Ben Patel told ANI.

"Now we also use AC, and fans and still do not have to pay any electricity bill. This has all been possible due to Modiji," she added.
In a separate statement, another villager Bhuriben Patel said that the installation of solar panels has been benefitting them a lot.
"Now we are not paying any electricity bills; instead, money is being deposited in our accounts. We thank Modiji for all this," the beneficiary said.

Modhera is famous for its Sun temple.
According to the Gujarat government, which shared information in a series of tweets, over 1000 solar panels have been installed on the village houses, generating electricity round the clock for the villagers. Significantly they will be provided with solar electricity at zero cost.
The Gujarat government has said that it has ensured the sustainable implementation of various welfare projects in Gujarat, keeping in mind the Prime Minister's vision of increasing the use of renewable energy in India.
Terming India a partner of choice of the UN, the UN Chief said New Delhi has increased its impact on the international stage due to the donation of medicines, equipment, and vaccines at the height of Covid-19 to neighbouring countries during his visit.
UN Chief also paid tributes to the victims of the 26/11 terror attacks at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai and addressed students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. (ANI)

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