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Students aged 6-11 yrs losing interest in school, reveals survey

Rajkot: The ongoing pandemic has affected people’s health and their mental and psychological wellbeing, especially students.

Staying home and studying for more than a year has brought a sea change in their thinking pattern.

According to psychologists at the psychology department of the Saurashtra University, entertainment has overpowered education as children are developing disinterest towards studies.

A survey conducted by the department on 1,530 children between ages 6-11 years has revealed interesting responses.

A team from the department personally met 1,530 students and questioned them on school and studies

Their survey revealed that during the initial days of the lockdown, the students remembered school and did not like the online classes.

But over time, children have adapted to the new system of studying and preferred staying home.

When children were asked, what if they were asked to go to school the next day, 81% responded with a resounding no.

Around 72 % of children said they were happy staying at home and did not remember their school anymore; instead,
they enjoyed playing the whole day.

Meanwhile, around 54% said they could not remember their school teacher and did not feel like meeting

Shockingly, when students were asked what if going to school was made mandatory, they immediately responded
that they resort to giving excuses such as coughing and sneezing to avoid school.

With students being mass promoted last year, 80% have stated that now they hate giving examinations.

Over 72 % of students spend time watching television, playing video games, or going out and playing on the

Psychologists believe that these responses are an eye-opener for the entire education system across the world.

The pandemic has changed the attitude of students towards school, studies, and education.

There is a marked decrease in the developmental and creative power of children.

Mathematics is as good as forgotten, and their writing speed has decreased as well.

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