Wednesday, September, 22,2021

Start taking action against polluting units: Gujarat HC

Ahmedabad:  Reprimanding Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Gujarat Pollution Control Board for their lack of action against industrial units which have been polluting the Sabarmati, Gujarat High Court has directed that a joint task force be set up for this purpose.

It has asked the state to suggest a name for the head of this task force.

The Court also asked the AMC when it would begin taking action against polluting units. It also asked GPCB to start sealing industrial units that pollute the river.

The court’s direction follows a report by Amicus Curiae Hemang Shah, which revealed that many micro-scale set-ups discharge untreated waste directly into the sewer system.

“These micro scale set-ups do not have the requisite permissions to run such set-ups. They continue to function under the patronage of authorities, despite being illegal,” Shah said in his report.

“The authorities carry out no proper inspections in these areas in view of the dominance of particular communities. There are instances wherein the AMC itself has permitted the set-ups to discharge the wastewater into sewer lines.”

He suggested that the court direct the AMC to file an affidavit disclosing the “true and correct” details of the parameters stipulated by the National Green Tribunal for every sewage treatment plant (STP), and the volume of waste discharged within Ahmedabad District.

Shah’s report also suggested that a joint task force, comprising officials from AMC, GPCB, Torrent Power, the police force and a retired judicial officer, be set up to ensure proper inspections and sealing of polluting units.

The Court has made it very clear that no one--including those running the STP-- involved in polluting the Sabarmati will be spared. 

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