Tuesday, December, 06,2022

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Soaring price of pulses hits consumers hard

Ahmedabad: The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred an increase in healthy eating to boost recovery and build immunity, but this change could end up costing common folk quite a packet. The prices of pulses and lentils—among the cheapest sources of protein—have risen by over 15% since last year.

Prices of all the pulses have risen by Rs10 to Rs20 per kgon average. Pigeon pea or tuvar, the most commonly consumed variety of legumes now costs Rs110 per kg in the main grocery market, up from Rs90 per kg last year.

This is despite government measures to bring down prices by Rs10 per kg over the past month. The prices of all other pulses, including black gram (urad), red lentils (masoor) and green gram (moong) have all registered increases between 4% and 14% over the last year.

With the festive season around the corner, observers say this increase could put a serious dent in the budgets of families.  

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