Rahul bats for ‘Gehlot model’!

Ahmedabad: The Congress seems to be adopting the “Gehlot model” in Gujarat elections as one Monday Rahul Gandhi made 8 promises to the people of Gujarat to win elections. Many of these major announcements are implemented in the form of plans in Rajasthan. Gehlot government started free treatment up to Rs 10 lakh and this model will be applicable in Gujarat also if Congress government is formed. Farmers’ loan waiver will also be done in Gujarat on the lines of Gehlot government. Rahul Gandhi also promised to give unemployment allowance to the youth and if elected to power, the Congress government in Gujarat will start Government English medium schools, on the lines of Rajasthan.

CM Gehlot to hold a review meet today
CM Gehlot will hold a review meeting of Medical Education and Medical and Health Department today at 11 am. The meeting has been called regarding seasonal diseases, free OPD and IPD scheme and to address various issues including the progress of the new Medical Colleges.

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