Monday, March, 27,2023

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Petrol prices cross Rs. 100-mark in Gir Somnath and Bhavnagar

Ahmedabad: With the cost of petrol and diesel having been hiked 10 times in this month alone, petrol prices in Gir Somnath and Bhavnagar have crossed the Rs100-mark. 

On Saturday, petrol in Bhavnagar cost Rs100.22 per litre, while power petrol cost Rs103 per litre. Diesel was slightly cheaper, at Rs98.38 a litre.

The state government has remained tight-lipped on the issue even as the opposition Congress party concluded its 10-day “Jan Chetna” agitation against the soaring costs of fuel and other commodities.  

“Crude oil prices are falling internationally,  but petrol prices are skyrocketing day by day everywhere across the country. More than just an annoyance for motorists, these prices are also causing other items to get more expensive, increasing the burden on middle- and lower-class people.

We are also worried about rising petrol prices since fuel sales have been falling due to the rising prices,” one petrol pump owner told First India.  

 “Two years ago, petrol was distributed at the rate of 10,000 litres per day in petrol pumps. These days barely a thousand litres are distributed.

There has also been no increase in commission to petrol pump owners either,” this person added.  

The rising costs of transport and fuel were among the reasons cited by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation when it announced the recent increase in the cost of milk. 

Meanwhile, in Ahmedabad, diesel cost Rs96.76 per litre, while petrol inched closer to the dreaded Rs100-mark, to settle at Rs 98.59  per litre.  

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