Thursday, April, 15,2021

NCoV patient gets multiple-organ infection, recovers

Ahmedabad: A 67-year-old man was treated for infection in the lungs, kidneys and brain after recovering from COVID-19 in the city. Kishoresinh Jadeja tested positive for novel coronavirus and underwent intensive treatment at a hospital for 120 days.

Post recovery, contracted fibrosis in his lungs, and was referred to Radiance Hospital, where he began treatment under Dr Ajay Shah.

The patient was then found to be suffering from infections in other organs of the body besides the lungs such as the brain and kidneys.

A puncture was also reported in the lungs and Jadeja’s body became swollen and his muscles weakened.

He was placed on ventilator support for fibrosis, to help his lungs undergo a complete respiratory overhaul to correct the infection.

Dr Paras Patel, ICU specialist at the hospital, said, “During treatment, Jadeja also had convulsions but his health gradually improved. It was decided that he would continue his treatment at home for 20 days to prevent any other infection.” 

With the assistance of a new fibrosis drug in the market, the specialist doctors and staffers and his trust in their medical knowledge, Jadeja recovered and returned home. 

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