Thursday, April, 15,2021

Is Gujarat hiding real numbers on nCoV deaths?

Gandhinagar: Discrepancies in the government’s data on COVID-19 death toll—first reported shortly after the pandemic hit the state last year—have reportedly witnessed a surge, alongside the number of cases over the past month. 

Observers say the numbers published on the state health department’s dashboard do not match with the actual death figures.

In Ahmedabad, staff members responsible for transporting bodies said that they work in three different shifts.

“In the first shift, 12 patient bodies are received from the top floors, which are released to their respective families.

Most deaths occur at night or early in the morning. Despite the fear of contracting the virus, all employees carry out their duties.

Those who get infected return to work post recovery,” one such staffer, who did not want to be named for fear of professional blowback, told First India.

The death toll has risen in the last 15 days alone. Before that, there was hardly one death per day and now 35 deaths occur on an average daily.

However, the government claims that only seven deaths occurred on Wednesday, this person added. 

In Rajkot, the time taken for a patient’s body to be handed over to family members has climbed up to three to four hours after death.

A video that has gained traction on social media clarifies that people have had to wait to receive the bodies of their loved ones and to conduct funerals. 

A similar situation has been witnessed in Surat as well. According to government figures, 24 patients died in Rajkot in the last 24 hours, meaning that one patient died every hour on an average. 

  • Gujarat hiding real numbers on nCoV deaths
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