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Gandhinagar: Over 52.83 lakh voters exercised their right to elect their councillors in the municipal corporation election held in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar on Sunday.

While the turnout of 46.1% is 0.29 percent higher than the voter turnout of 45.81% witnessed during the 2015 elections, the numbers were achieved only after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pushed its entire cadre to get people to polling booths and urge them to vote.

However, only 42.6% of female voters cast their votes in the election.

It is no secret that the BJP has established itself as a powerhouse in urban Gujarat over the past two decades.

It played to its strength in this election by appointing page presidents for committees and created hype around huge voter turnout numbers.

But, the ruling party’s plan seems to have fallen short of the high expectations it had set for itself.

After tracking the voting trend during the first four hours of polling on Sunday, BJP state unit president CR Patil took to his Twitter handle at 11 am and wrote, “I request all page committee members and page presidents to ensure that voters on his/her page cast their votes. I am confident that it will bring revolutionary results.”

Over 19,65,946 electors voted in Ahmedabad, 5,54,857 voters in Rajkot, which was 0.3% higher than 2015’s 50.04%, while Vadodara witnessed 0.91% drop in voting compared to the 2015 election, with 47.8% voting this election.

In Surat, Patil’s hometown, the voting percentage increased by 7.17% as compared to 2015’s 39.93%.

The total number of votes cast in the city were 15,50,035. In Bhavnagar, 2,59,612 voters  polled and 2,61,045 in Jamnagar, with a 2% increase and 3% decline witnessed in both cities respectively.

It may be so that Patil has realized that all is not well within the party and that his strategy of not repeating councilors who have already served three terms and denying tickets to leaders above 60 years of age, have failed.

The realization was visible during his speech in Vapi on Sunday evening as he addressed party workers.

“Those who had been denied tickets in the municipal corporation election because of the age bar should not worry, the state assembly and Lok Sabha elections are approaching,” he said.

Despite the failure of his strategy, Patil indicated that he still intended to bring down the age limit to contest local body polls to 40 years. (First India Bureau)


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