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Govt machinery ‘campaigning’ for the BJP: Sau MLA

Ahmedabad: As per the opinion of an incumbent Saurashtra MLA, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) “does not need to do anything for the upcoming 2022 state assembly elections because the government machinery is doing their work, which will ensure the party’s win with help on such a massive scale.”

The MLA has further stated that all government departments, from ASHA workers or Gram Sevaks to district collectors, are busy promoting the BJP’s propaganda.

Meanwhile, even the opposition Congress party’s MLAs suspect that the ruling party may be using government resources to promote themselves.

Echoing the fear, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) chief spokesperson Manish Doshi said, “It (using state machinery for propaganda) has been a tradition in the state for more than a decade now.

They (BJP) first lure people under the pretext of some government scheme and then inject the BJP propaganda into them. There is no Government of Gujarat (GoG) in the state, but only a BJP government.”

Adding that the ‘system’ was started by the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi to use money and muscle power.

“Even today, at the grassroot level, government employees do not talk about government schemes, but use the names of individuals to explain them. It is a well-planned and deep-rooted strategy,” he alleged.

Speaking on the matter, Shamshad Pathan, spokesperson of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) party said that there was a strong nexus between Congress and BJP in the state.

“With other political parties foraying  into the state, it has set a challenge to both the  BJP and the Congress.

That is the reason why such allegations are expected. The BJP has been the party forming governments and registering easy wins in the state for so many years.

It has happened with the blessing of the Congress party only. Such allegations are nothing but a hidden fear of losing power,” Pathan said.

Meanwhile refuting all allegations of state machinery being used by the party, BJP spokesperson Raju Dhruv told First India, “These are baseless allegations. The BJP has stood with the people be it the COVID-19 pandemic or the recent Cyclone Tauktae.

The Congress may have to experience an embarrassing defeat in the upcoming state assembly elections 2022 and that is why they are making such statements.

The citizens know who stands with them. If the Congress really wants to make a change in power then they have to stand with the people and serve them without a hidden agenda.”

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